kindle text to speech android and PC

Amazon Kindle has a Text-to-Speech(TTS) which is a pretty awesome and useful feature in kindle devices.

Some Kindle devices do not contain in-built Text-to-speech features support. Also for Android, kindle does not provide a text-to-speech feature for some kindle books.

So in such conditions, we need to rely on other apps and android's default text-to-speech features.

Actually, android provides us inbuilt accessibility features to read text from the screen and convert it into speech.

We can activate the Text to Speech feature on android for the Amazon kindle app by many methods, which we'll be going to cover in this article.

    How to enable Amazon Kindle Text to Speech(TTS) on android?

    Method 1 - Using Select to speech

    Select to speech is also google's in-built feature for android devices, but it is available in the latest android only.

    I personally use this method more than Talkback, because it's easy to use than Messy Talkback.

    1. Enable Select to speech from android's settings. Go to settings, then search accessibility and it will show the accessibility page.

    kindle text to speech android using Using Select to speech

    2. Now select the Select to speech option. Turn it on and tap on allow. It will grant access to your device.

    kindle text to speech android

    3. Now Open Amazon Kindle and open a book that you want to convert from text to speech. 

    4. Swipe up from the bottom with two fingers (as shown in the video). Now select or highlight words.

    Your Android device will automatically read the text and convert it to speech!

    Method 2 - Using Talkback

    Talkback is google android's built-in feature for smart devices like Mobile, Tablets & Smart TVs. Talkback uses Artificial intelligence to read the text from the device screen and convert it into speech recording.

    Almost all android devices support Talkback accessibility features. We just need to enable it from android settings. So, let's see how we can enable Talkback.

    1. First of all, enable Talkback from android's settings. Go to settings, then search accessibility and it will show the accessibility page.

    kindle text to speech android Using Talkback

    2. Now select the Talkback option. Turn on Talkback and tap on allow. It will grant access to your device.

    NOTE: Use 2 fingers instead of 1 to navigate from one app to another & to the home screen.

    kindle text to speech android Using Talkback

    3. Now Open Amazon Kindle and open a book that you want to convert from text to speech. You will see the Green outline (as shown in the picture) which means it's reading text and converting it to speech.

    kindle text to speech android Using Talkback

    Didn't get you steps on how to activate Text to speech on android kindle? Watch the following video on our Official YouTube channel. So, you'll get an idea about it...

    Method 3 - Using 3rd party Apps that will read Kindle books

    Plenty of text-to-speech android apps for kindle are available on the play store that converts text to speech and will read Kindle books for you.

    You can use online tools also. Apps and online tools both work fine! They can be used to convert kindle books' text to speech with highlighted words.

    I. TTS Reader - reads aloud books, all books!

    - It is one of the Best 3rd party text to speech apps for kindle that you can use to read Kindle books by using its Text-to-Speech functionality on your android and iOS devices

    • It supports all Ebook formats and has lots of customization and ebook settings
    • You can play, pause and resume your Kindle ebook
    • Control ebook-reading speed, volume, and from a single app
    • You can record and save your Ebook into .wav format, so you can play it later

    Download Link

    II. @Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

    - It is the best alternative to the previous app which has the same functionality

    - It offers Text-to-Speech functionality not only for Kindle ebooks but also for other document formats like txt, docx, pdf, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW, FB2, etc.

    - Even you can play text-sound with your Speaker and headset by using the share feature.

    Download Link

    But I will suggest the previous 2 techniques over this one. Because previous methods are built-in functionalities of android. Always use tools from trusted sources like google!

    Also, those tools and apps are paid! or with limited functionalities. You can choose according to your need.

    How to enable Kindle text-to-speech with the Android & iOS Alexa app?

    You've seen various ways to enable Text-to-speech on Kindle using Android's built-in features and apps.

    You will get amazed if I tell you that your Smartphone's Alexa app can also read aloud Kindle Books for you.

    You can either connect it with Alexa compatible Echo dot or can directly listen through your Android or iOS smartphone.

    1. First, open the Alexa app on your smartphone device

    2. Then navigate to the Play tab

    3. Now, scroll down till you find the Kindle library section

    (First Make sure that you've connected the Kindle library to the Alexa app otherwise you'll not find the Kindle library under the Play tab)

    4. After that, Tap on the Kindle book you wanted to read

    5. Alexa will start reading the book for you, now you can control Alexa with your Voice also OR you can connect it to the Echo dot to read from Echo dot Speaker

    How to enable kindle text to speech on PC

    Amazon Kindle PC version provides text-to-speech functionality in their reader desktop app. Just follow the following steps.

    1. Open the Kindle book & then select or highlight the content you want to convert.

    2. Now, select the Tools option from the menubar and click on the Start Text-to-Speech option.

    kindle text to speech on PC

    And it will convert all the text to the Recording or you can hear it along with reading.


    Other methods are you have to rely on 3rd party tools and online tools. You will need to manually copy-paste it.


    Which kindle has text-to-speech?

    All kindles have built-in text-to-speech features. But, Right now few books provide a text-to-speech feature or you will need to use android or iOS to enable it.

    Kindle text to speech not working, what can I do?

    1. If your Amazon kindle's text-to-speech is not working then you can shift to another device.

    2. If you are using amazon kindle then you can download the kindle android app and can use the text-to-speech feature as mentioned in this article.

    How do I enable text-to-speech on my Kindle Android?

    You can enable the Kindle text-to-speech on your Kindle Android by using Select to speech, Talkback, or 3rd party TTS reader apps. For more details, read this article.

    Does the Kindle app have text-to-speech?

    Kindle app on android or iPhone doesn't provide a Text-to-speech feature. But you can enable kindle Text to Speech on your Android and iOS devices. As we've shared all possible techniques to enable it!

    Final lines

    All the mentioned methods are proven and I have personally tested them. These Techniques will definitely help to activate Amazon kindle text to Speech on Android & PC.

    and if you are facing any issues regarding Talkback, Select to Speech, or Text to Speech apps, then ping me on social media or in the comments.

    This method also helps to listen to Kindle books that you've downloaded from Amazon kindle on your Android phone.

    If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

    Apart from the techniques that we've mentioned, provide us your opinion and other methods. That will help other audiences to solve their problem.