Is your Android System Intelligence(ASI) not working on your android devices like Pixel, Samsung, Moto devices, etc.

My brother owns Samsung S21 FE. Earlier, he was facing the same kind of issue with his device where he was unable to launch ASI because he updated to Android 13(OneUI 5.0).

It was crashing while using the phone. It was no longer compatible with his device.

So, we were not able to update it to the Android 13 compatible version. We tried some methods and we'll see a few of them here in this guide!

    What is Android System Intelligence and do I need it?

    Before getting started with troubleshooting, first, learn basics like what it is, what it does, and how it is important to you!

    Android System Intelligence is a Service that runs continuously in the android system to collect data and improve smart android capabilities like the working of different sensors, Autofills from Copied text and SMS, Google Assistants, Google typing, Google lens, and many more.

    As this guide is not about what Android Sytem Intelligence is, if you want to learn more about ASI and it's working, please visit the Android System Intelligence Info page.

    Fix: Android System Intelligence service is not updating on Samsung and other android devices!

    For any reason, your Android System Intelligence is not updating even from the Play store, then you should consider following methods to the issue.

    There are 3 different ways to update your Android System Intelligence. We'll see each of them one by one.

    Method 1: Reset ASI Data

    The first thing that you can do is reset the Android System Intelligence service through settings.

    You'll need to clear its data through a setting called Manage space. before, resetting ASI, you can try clearing the cache. In some cases, it has worked for some people.

    On Samsung devices

    1. Open the Settings page and search for apps

    2. Now, choose the Android System Intelligence service

    Android system intelligence app info OneUI

    3. then, scroll a little bit and choose Storage 

    4. here, you have to select Manage storage to clear the data

    Clear data of Android system intelligence OneUI

    On Google Pixel or Motorola devices

    1. Navigate to the path Settings > Apps > Android System Intelligence

    2. then select Storage & Cache

    Android system intelligence app info stock android

    3. now tap the Manage Space or Clear Data button

    Clear data of Android system intelligence stock android

    It will clear the data from the ASI service and now you can try to update it through Playstore.

    Method 2: Update ASI Manually

    First of all, Uninstall Android System Intelligence. To uninstall it, open the Google Play store and select your profile icon.

    1. Now, choose the Manage apps & device option

    2. then, Tap the Manage tab as shown in the screenshot

    3. Tap the Sort option(Recently Updated) and choose Name

    uninstall Android system intelligence through Playstore

    4. it will sort all the installed applications by Name

    Now, check the box in front of Android System Intelligence and hit the Delete icon

    Now, Download the Android System Intelligence apk from Trusted sources like APKPure, or APKMirror.

    Install the app directly. If are facing installation issues, try to install it through 3rd party File manager.

    Method 3: Update ASI using 3rd party Apps

    If the previous method isn't doing justice to you, then you can try to update it through 3rd party apps. We've tried a few of them, and actually, that worked pretty fine for us.

    1. Install an app called App updator from Playstore and open it

    2. Now, select System Apps and search for Android System Intelligence

    Select system apps in App updator

    3. then select the Check for update option

    Check for update in App updator

    it will forcefully update the ASI service and install the latest version that you wanted.

    Method 4: Perform a Factory reset

    If any of the methods are not working in your case, then you can perform a Factory reset method.

    That will fix your issue for sure, as it will reset not only ASI but other apps also.

    Open settings and search for Factory Reset or System Reset to reset Samsung devices.

    Before performing a reset, just take the backup of your files to Drive or PC.

    Method 5: Wait for the Upcoming Updates

    Once you've done everything that was needed, you feel there is no chance to fix the issue.

    You can wait for the next OneUI (for Samsung devices) or Stock android update. Most probably the upcoming Bug fix build can fix the issue.

    You'll need to provide feedback to Samsung or your respective brand. You can do it through social media - Tag them on Instagram, Twitter, or by filling feedback form in settings.


    How to fix Android System Intelligence that is not compatible or not working?

    We've already discussed and explained detailed 4 different methods on why ASI is not compatible or not working and how to fix it!

    Is it OK to disable or clear data of Android System Intelligence?

    You can clear the data of the Android System Intelligence service, but it will remove all the required data to perform Smart AI-Driven tasks.

    That tasks include Face or Fingerprint recognition, Copy paste features, Text suggestions, Google assistant-related features, Google lens, Auto rotation of the screen, etc.

    If you disable ASI Service, then some of the android apps and features will not be working as expected.

    How do I reset my Android System Intelligence?

    To reset ASI, you can uninstall and reinstall it. Or simply Clear the Data from the App info.