How to Disable or Turn off android auto in Android device and Car

A few years ago, Car manufacturing companies and Google has developed the Smart interface to improve the car multimedia experience. The name of that app is Android Auto.

While using android auto, some people face issues like don't know How to turn it off properly.

You can simply turn off android auto by searching it on Settings or Play store. We'll see detailed steps to disable or turn off android auto on an Android device and Car in the below tutorial.

    How to Disable or turn off android auto?

    There are two steps to turn off the android auto on an android device. So you can choose any method to turn off android auto, as we have shared both steps.

    If the first method, will not work for you then try to uninstall it.

    I. Disable android auto

    Disable by using Dashboard's Android Auto:

    You can disable the Android Auto app by using your Car Dashboard's Android Auto. 

    Most cars and other vehicles accept the connection android auto of Android mobile. If you don't want that, you can Turn off or disable it from your Android auto's native settings.

    Open the Android Auto settings and search for either Connection settings or Managing external devices or any other similar settings name. Disable it.

    Disable by using a Mobile app:

    To disable the android auto app service, we'll need to do all the activities from the settings app. So,

    Disable android auto

    1. First open the Settings app, then find Apps & notifications. Then tap on See all apps.

    Disable android auto

    2. There you will find a list of Apps and games. Now browse and open Android Auto.

    Disable android auto

    3. Now there you'll find Disable option. Select that to disable the Android auto on your device.

    Now you'll not able to load the Android auto in your Car's system until you enable it from the same path.

    II. Uninstall android auto

    If you have disabled and turned off android auto, still your Car system is accessing it. Then the only option that remains here is to uninstall it from your device.

    1. Open Android Auto from the Settings app. Open Android auto from Apps & Notifications and then Tap on uninstall option.

    2. If you did not find Uninstall option there (If your device runs on android 9, 10, 11), there is another option is available for you.

    Uninstall android auto

    3. Open the Google Play Store and search Android Auto. There you will find the options Uninstall. Tap on it to uninstall.

    Don't worry you can reinstall it from the Google play store.

    How to disable or turn off android auto in car mode?

    If you have disabled Android Auto from an android device, the next step is to disable it from your car's multimedia system.

    After disabling or uninstalling the android auto on your android device, just unplug it. You have successfully Turned off your device!

    How to stop Android Auto from turning on Bluetooth

    If you have connected your smartphone to your Car's system using Bluetooth and now you want to connect it using USB, then here it will create a problem while connecting.

    The fix for this issue is very simple, we have two settings to stop Android Auto from turning on Bluetooth.

    Method 1:

    1. Open the Android Auto app and then the settings of the android auto app.

    2. Now browse the settings and find Disable Bluetooth there.

    3. Tap on the tap option. Done!

    Also, make sure that you haven't enabled the Bluetooth option of your smartphone.

    Method 2:

    1. Open android auto from Apps and Notifications on your android device. Then scroll down till you find "Additional settings in the app".

    2. Open it and it will open Android Auto app on your android smartphone.

    How to stop Android Auto from turning on Bluetooth

    3. Now again scroll down till you find an option called "Wireless Android Auto". It will be enabled by default, Disable it.

    Disable Android Auto notification

    How to Disable notifications in Android Auto? Google pushed the new update for Android auto at the beginning of 2020 and it now supports notifications.

    1. To Disable the Android Auto notifications, navigate to the settings section of Android Auto.

    Disable Android Auto notification

    2. There you will find the new option called No sound from notifications. Enable it to disable unwanted sounds and notifications while using your Android Auto.

    This feature brings more useful for those people who use Android Auto to play Music. So, they will not face Notification pop-ups or sounds while enjoying their Music.

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    Android Auto - turn off maps

    Android Auto offers a feature to turn off or Disable its apps. If you want to turn off Google Maps or any other maps on Android Auto, then you can disable it from Settings.

    1. Open android auto settings and navigate to the Apps section. Search for Maps that you want to Disable.

    2. Select Open the app and Force stop it. It will disable maps in Android Auto.

    Disable do not disturb android auto

    Android Auto also comes with DND Mode which helps most of the users who use Android Auto during Driving their vehicles. To disable the following steps.

    1. Open the settings in your Android Auto. Now search for Sounds and then select the Do Not Disturb option. 

    2. Now select the Automatic rules option there and later you'll need to set the Priority to enable DND for Android Auto.

    Why won't Android Auto turn off?

    If the Android auto isn't turning off, then probably you should try thins things.

    1. Uninstall the Android auto on your Android Device. You can uninstall it from app settings or just by searching Android auto in the Google Play store.

    Then try to disable it. Definitely, it will help you to turn off Android Auto.

    How do I fix Android Auto Connection?

    To fix the android auto connection. We have suggested the following methods.

    1. Check whether Android Auto is installed or not

    : Make sure that you have installed Android Auto on your android device. We don't see Android Auto directly on the app list UI. 

    Open the path Settings > Apps & Notifications > Android auto or Search Andriod Auto on the play store to verify.

    2. Change USB Cable

    : If you're facing a connection problem, then you can try different USB Cables tp test which one is working.

    3. Disable Bluetooth

    : This can be a potential reason for android auto connection issues. Open Android auto from settings and then Disable the Bluetooth option and Wireless android auto option.

    Where is Android Auto on my phone?

    If you're using old phones which run on Android 8 Oreo OS and below that. Then there will be a dedicated app on your device.

    If you are using the latest android phone then you will need to open it from settings or from app info.

    1. Open Apps and Notifications on your android device. Open Android Auto from the list.

    2. Then scroll down till you find "Additional settings in the app".

    3. Open it and it will open Android Auto app on your android smartphone.


    We know that android is one of the popular OS right now & it is modifying day by day.

    Along with time, Android OS is also changed a lot. So, Google is also updating Android Auto and its using techniques are also changing.

    This guide is the latest one, as we have used Android Auto's latest version to disable or turn off android auto on android devices and car mode.

    After applying all the mentioned steps properly, your system will not detect the Android Auto app on your car's system. Even if you plugged in your android device.

    This is the best way to Exit or Remove the Android auto from both of your devices.

    If you have any queries and questions regarding android auto, comment down below the article so we can help you.