How to install TTF fonts on Samsung or any Android device without root?

Are you getting bored with your Android smartphone? Wants to add spice to it? Now it's time to customize your android smartphone.

People often customize their android phones by Installing Launchers and other 3rd party customization apps or adding Custom ROMs.

But to install custom ROMs, we need to unlock the bootloader and other stuff. It is more time-consuming.

You can install the True Type Fonts directly without root or Custom ROMs on your android device. Just follow these steps

  1. Download & install the app called zFont
  2. Open the zFont app
  3. Select the font and Apply them directly
  4. For more ttf fonts, download ttf fonts from the web

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Then we will need to download the simple app and TTF Fonts that you want to install on your Android device.

    How to install TTF fonts on any Android without root?

    So, here we will need some apps like FontFix, Magic Font & zFont which help us to install ttf fonts directly. You can install any app that you want, but here I'm using zFont.

    It is a more precise way to install fonts on an android device. We don't need any other supporter files and ROOT ACCESSIt's a Font Install app for Android.

    Features of zFont

    • Supports more than 50,000 Fonts
    • Supports almost all popular languages worldwide
    • Single tap to install
    • Free to install and Use
    • Colorful fonts and Emojis

    Steps to install ttf fonts on android

    1. First, Download the app called zFont from Google Play Store. It is one of the best Font installer apps for Android. Here is the link - zFont 3 - Emoji & Custom Font Changer [No ROOT]

    2. Open the zFont app and Provide the required permissions to access and install fonts

    3. It comes with thousands of pre-installed fonts. You can Apply them directly by tapping on them and selecting the Apply option

    4. If you want to Install ttf fonts then download the ttf font from the web

    How to install TTF fonts on Android without root?

    How to use downloaded fonts on android

    1. Open the zFont or any other app you installed. (Here we are using the zFont app for the tutorial

    2. Select the Local tab on the app and select the ttf font from the location where you have downloaded the font

    How to install TTF fonts on Android without root?

    3. Now tap on Apply and follow the instruction that the app will provide you to do

    How to install TTF fonts on Samsung without root?

    If you have a Samsung phone which supports android OS then the steps are the same as for any other android device.

    Download any Font app as I have explained in the previous section. Open and select the font and hit apply.

    You can also manually install other ttf fonts which are downloaded from the internet.

    Apply it as I mentioned in the previous step.

    How to get the iOS font on Android with No root?

    Yes, it's possible to install iOS font on Android without any root. Just follow the below steps.

    1. Download the zFont Android app from the Play Store on your device

    2. Download the iOS fonts file from here - iOS ttf font

    3. Open the zFont app and head towards the Local tab

    4. Choose the Font selection button which is on the right bottom side

    5. Choose the file from the folder where you have put the downloaded iOS ttf file

    6. Follow the steps that display on the app and you've successfully applied iOS Font on your android device


    How do I download fonts to my Samsung Galaxy?

    1. First, download Any font changer/Installer app from the Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. I would suggest installing zFont.

    2. Apply fonts pre-download in-app or You can use downloaded fonts from a web browser.

    How do I add custom fonts to my Android device without rooting it?

    You can use the zFont app to add custom fonts to your Android device without rooting. The app does have custom fonts that you can download and apply it.

    Is TTF supported by Android?

    Yes. Android versions support TTF Fonts. You can achieve it by Rooting your device or Bu using 3rd party applications that we've discussed in this article.


    Installing the ttf fonts is tedious when your device is not rooted. But still, you can do it through some 3rd party apps.

    We've shared the working method for Installing TTF fonts or any other font on Samsung or any Android device without root. Just follow the steps, apply fonts, and enjoy.

    It supports all versions of Android, even the latest version like android 10 & 11.

    If you have any queries regarding any of the steps or are facing issues while installing the fonts on your android device, Please us here in the comment section.