Pokemon! Every 90's Kid was mad about it, even today also! There are so many people who watch Pokemon Nostalgic episodes on their Smartphones.

Even I'm also a Huge fan of Pokemon and GBA Games, I also used to play Pokemon Games a lot back in my college days.

What if you get a chance to play those nostalgic Games on your Android or iOS device?

Let's, break the ice and get started talking about one of the popular Pokemon games called Pokemon radical red.

How to Play Pokemon Radical Red on your Android device?

Installing Pokemon Radical Red involves different tasks like Getting all required files, patching the files, and loading the generated GBA to Emulator.

We'll see all those tasks step-by-step!

Step 1: Get Pokemon Radical Red files

Before getting started with the Installation process, we'll need to download some files.

  1. Visit the Pokemon Radical Red page on Pokecommunity
  2. Download the Pokemon Radical Red 3.1 UPS file from the download section(it will redirect you to Mediafire)
  3. Now, download the latest Pokemon Firered from here

We have both files to generate the Pokemon Radical Red GBA File.

Step 2: Patch all the files

The second step is to Patch the files which we downloaded earlier.

1. Open Online ROM Patcher

GBA Rom Patcher

2. Choose the Firered GBA Rom file under the ROM File option and the Radical Red UPS file under the Patch file option

3. Now, Tap the Apply Patch button as shown in the Screenshot

It will save the Pokemon Radical Red GBA File to your Device's Storage!

Step 3: Load File to GBA Emulator

Now, we've downloaded the Radical Red GBA file and we'll GBA Emulator to run it. You can download any of the GBA Emulators from the Play store.

I personally use the My Boy Pro version as it has some Paid features.

1. Open the GBA Emulator and provide all the Permissions

2. Select the Patched Pokemon Radical Red GBA and it will start the Game in GBA Emulator

Now, enjoy your Pokemon Radical Red on your Android smartphone without any issues!

How to Play Pokemon Radical Red on your iOS devices?

Want to play Pokemon Radical Red or any other GBA games on iPhones and iPads? Then, the GBA4iOS will be the best choice for you!

The process will be the same as Android's Step 2 for iOS. Later you'll need to load the GBA file into GBA4iOS GBA Emulator and you're ready to play you're desired GBA games!

What is the Best emulator for Pokemon Radical Red on Android?

There are several Emulators available in Playstore for Pokemon GBA games. I have personally used My Boy and John GBA Lite. Both Emulators are one of the best GBA Emulators in the Play store.

My Boy Lite is a Free version of the My Boy emulator with limitations like you can't use more than 2 cheats at a time, the Save game feature, etc.

If you want a restrictionless gaming experience, then probably you should go for the My Boy Pro version which will cost you around $5.

Now, if you don't want to pay a single penny and use all paid features like My Boy Pro in the GBA emulator then you can opt for John GBA Emulator.

All the above GBA Emulators support almost all GBA games and most demanded Fast forward option.


How to directly download Pokemon Radical Red on Android?

Please keep in mind that, downloading the Pokemon Radical Red using the Patching method will make it more secure.

Direct GBA files of Radical Red may contain Malware and viruses. So it is advised to patch GBA before using it.

Do we need to Patch the Pokemon Radical Red file to play it on Android GBA Emulator?

Yes, We'll need to Patch the Pokemon Radical Red UPS file into GBA in order to play it not only in Android but also in other GBA Emulators.