Windows shell experience host suspended - What is and fixes for this issue!

Windows shell experience host suspended

Sometimes, when we open the Windows Task Manager & we find the message like Windows shell experience host suspended.

That means your Windows shell experience host is not working and stopped working due to some issue.

But, How to fix the shell experience host suspended issue? First, let's understand what the Windows shell experience host is? & Why does shellexperiencehost.exe crash?

NOTE: The above article is updated till June 2024, so all 9 methods are working fine for Windows 10 & 11!

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    What is a Windows shell experience host or ShellExperienceHost?

    windows shell experience host suspended

    Windows shell experience host is also called as ShellExperienceHost.

    It is a software program that runs in the background and controls all tasks along with taskbar functions like Start, Search, Notification Center, & other Graphical tools on Windows, etc.

    It is Microsoft Windows's system in-built process that is required and must be running all the time to provide a Graphical view of the All Universal Windows app.

    Why shellexperiencehost.exe is failing & crashing?

    There are multiple reasons why the Windows Shell experience host AKA shellexperiencehost.exe is crashing. Below are probable reasons for its failing situation:

    1. Corrupted Windows or other files

    It's the primary reason for failing the ShellExperienceHost. If any of the Shell Experience Host-related apps or features interact with these corrupted files, it gonna be creating issues with the Shell Experience Host.

    Sometimes, due to a corrupted Hard Drive can also create this issue.

    2. Third-party application conflicts

    After installing buggy or incompatible(not made for your PC or PC architecture) software or Windows applications, it gets conflicted with Windows features like Start, Search, Notification Center, & other Graphical tools, if that application is also using or dealing with these features.

    These apps & features are controlled by ShellExperienceHost. So, it also gets affected.

    3. Windows Updates

    Always keep in mind that Windows or any other Operating system is not stable. It always brings bugs, errors, vulnerabilities, loopholes.

    Such buggy apps and features themself create a mess within Windows apps. That not only creates issues in the Windows Shell experience host but in others too.

    4. Virus Attack

    Windows shell experience host has some vulnerabilities. New viruses, Trojans, and malware can attack using these loopholes.

    There is the possibility that your PC is affected by a Virus attack.

    5. Windows desktop home background picture & accent color

    Maybe your Current desktop screen background picture & accent color are using too much CPU and impacting the Shell Experience host.

    When I had the ShellExperienceHost suspension issue, this was the reason for me.

    6. High CPU Usage

    It's also one of the reasons for the Misbehaving of the Windows shell experience host. Just try to reduce the Windows CPU load by closing some unnecessary applications.

    If that's not working, then try some steps that you'll find at the end of this tutorial.


    Impacts of ShellExperienceHost suspension

    Due to the "Windows shell experience host suspended", we can't use any of Microsoft's UWP applications.

    Some desktop applications will work (or partially work), but UWP-based apps like Microsoft Edge, Modern File Manager, Windows settings, and others can't work anymore.

    Sometimes, the entire Taskbar gets frozen and we are not able to see Taskbar features like Wifi, battery status, speaker & so on.

    That problem was noticed by Windows users after the arrival of Windows 10. Because Microsoft introduced the Windows Shell experience host program in it.

    Then how do we solve the Windows shell experience host suspended or stopped working issue?

    Don't worry, because it's common behavior of Windows sometimes. So, let's start with the steps to fix the issue.

    How to fix "Windows shell experience host suspended or stopped running or not working"?

    Here I have given proven 6 methods that will definitely work on Windows shell experience host not responding issues.

    FIX 1: Check for Windows updates & Keep your Windows up to date

    Updating the Operating system and other software is the first priority in such conditions. Sometimes updates fix these issues.

    • Open your Windows settings and search for 'Check for update' or 'Windows Update'.
    • Now press on the Check for Update button, Now it will fetch the update if available
    • You will receive a Windows update(as shown in the picture)
    • Just download and install it. See if it solves your issue or not.

    check your windows update

    FIX 2: Perform an Antivirus scan

    Keep your antivirus up to date or upgrade your Windows to the latest version.

    The latest version of Windows provides more stable virus protection with fewer vulnerabilities. You can also use any other paid antivirus to check for viruses and malware.

    Do a full system scan on your PC. It will scan the entire PC and find if any virus or trojan is present or not. If the antivirus finds any malware, it will remove the infected file from your system.

    FIX 3: Uninstall or disable recently installed Apps(3rd party)

    Consider that the issue you are facing right now is happening because of a recently installed 3rd-party app.

    Self-analyze what applications you've manually installed within the last 7 days or from when you're facing the ShellExperienceHost suspended issue.

    Uninstall it and reboot your device. Now, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

    If the installed application is critical to you or has data saved within its storage, you can simply disable it and then repeat the same process.

    FIX 4: Disable background slideshow & automatic accent color

    Disabling the background & automatic accent color can fix the shell experience host problem.

    I Personally fixed these issues by disabling the background slideshow & automatic accent color settings.

    Using fixed background wallpaper and accent color will solve Windows shell experience not responding issues.

    Using fixed background wallpaper and the accent color is also a good practice that lowers CPU usage and power consumption.

    1. Open your Windows settings and search for 'personalization' in which you can find background & colors.
    2. Switch the background from Slideshow to picture. Browse and set the picture you want.
    3. Uncheck automatically pick an accent color from my background option from choose your accent color section.
    4. That's it! you have done with both settings.
    Disable background to fix Windows shell experience host suspended issueDisable background to fix Windows shell experience host suspended issue

    FIX 5: Perform system file checker scan

    Running system file checker scan checks for corrupted files in every system folder. So, performing a file checking scan will also check the Windows shell experience host folder and corrupted file if exists!

    • Open the search bar and search for Powershell. Run it as an administrator
    • Then type sfc /scannow & press Enter
    • Now, wait until it completely checks all folders

    perform system file checker scan

    FIX 6: Perform SFC with DISM Commands

    You have tried SFC Command but still not working? you can put DISM Commands that may fix Windows Shell experience host suspended error.

    Sometimes, the error may be because of the Bad sectors in Hard drives. In such conditions first, we need to Fix all of those BAD SECTOR errors from Hard drives.

    And here DISM tool helps to fix those errors. 

    • Open search and type CMD or Powershell.
    • Run CMD or Powershell as Administrator.
    • SFC/scannow and Enter. Now, wait until it ends.
    • Now, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth wait a few minutes, and type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth.
    • Now after it completes scanning, restart your PC or Laptop.

    FIX 7: Reset the Windows start menu

    Resetting the start menu may also fix your issue because the start menu is controlled by the Windows shell experience host. Just apply the script which will reset the start menu.

    • Open the search bar and search for Powershell. Run it as an administrator
    • Now put the following code in Powershell
    Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost | Foreach
    {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register

    FIX 8: Create a new user profile

    If nothing works, you can create a new user profile that might solve your Windows shell experience host problem.

    • Open the search bar and search for Accounts. Then
      select Family & Other Users.

    create new user
    • Now click on Add someone else to the PC
    • Then click on I don't have this person's sign-in information
    • Now click on Add a user without a Microsoft account

    create new user to fix  shell experience host suspended
    • Then add your details, password, and other stuff
    Now sign out of the current account and log in to the newly created one!

      How to fix "Windows shell experience host high CPU"?

      If you facing any issue related to the shell experience host has high CPU usage and is eating a high amount of CPU & disk usage.

      Here you can follow methods to resolve the High CPU usage problem.

      Sometimes, the Shell experience host high CPU usage may become a reason for the Windows shell experience host suspended.

      Trying to fix one issue may solve both issues.

      1. First search and open CMD (Command prompt) as Administrator. Now type the following command on CMD

      >net user administrator /active:yes

      2. Now search & open System Configuration, Switch to the Boot tab and tick Safe boot, and proceed. It will restart your PC/laptop/computer & boot in safe boot mode

      How to fix "windows shell experience host high CPU"?

      3. Now just sign out of that account and switch to an administrator account in safe boot mode

      How to fix "windows shell experience host high CPU"?

      4. Follow the path(as shown in the picture) and enable Show Hidden files/folders

      How to fix "windows shell experience host high CPU"?

      5. Now open the file manager and open the folder from the path 


      6. Search for the folder name Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy and rename it and add the .BAK file extension

      7. Search & open System Configuration, Switch to the Boot tab, and untick Safe Boot and Apply to proceed

      Now sign out from an Administrator account and sign in to your account.


      Why Windows Shell experience host is taking too much memory?

      : It's one of the heaviest & important Processes within the Windows ecosystem.

      It handles all the tasks of the Taskbar like notification center, Start menu, Cortana search, and other Taskbar & Toolbar settings.

      Can I disable the Windows Shell experience, host?

      : No! You can't disable the Windows shell experience host program or process. It's a mandatory process needed to run the Taskbar & its features.

      If you disable the Windows shell experience host, it will close the entire taskbar and we'll not be able to use it.

      Is Windows shell a Virus?

      : No. Windows shell is not a Virus. Windows shell AKA Windows shell experience host is a program that helps in keeping the taskbar running to do necessary tasks.

      But Virus programs can have the same names as Windows shell or others.


      Windows is a more stable OS but, still has some bugs and issues. Windows Shell experience host issue is one of them. But, we have done an analysis of the root cause and suggested you best methods.

      All the mentioned methods are proven and personally tested. It will definitely help to fix the issue on the Windows shell experience host suspended or not responding & the high CPU usage issue is also fixed.

      If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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