Coforge Interview questions & experience - Senior Test Engineer - 2024

Coforge Interview questions for Senior Test Engineer

Hey guys, It's Sanket BhosalePreviously I was an Automation Test Engineer working at Tata Consultancy Services. I left TCS in Dec 2023.

So far I've given Interviews to dozens of different Companies. At the beginning of March, I gave an interview in Coforge Pune.

Here, I will be going to share my Interview experience. What questions were I asked? and what answers did I give? What could be the correct answer to those questions?

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    Interview Questions I Faced? And answers to that!

    Interview questions will be the same for 3-6 year experienced Senior Test Engineer, QA Automation tester, or SDET.

    There are 3 different phases of Interviews in Coforge. First HR will discuss with you basic things like interview scheduling, your previous and expected CTC, and all that stuff.

    1st Round - Technical(45-60 Minutes - based on your performance)

    Technical Interviews will be based on a basic understanding of Java, Selenium, Database, API, CI/CD, and automation testing frameworks.

    1. Tell me about yourself

    Explain about yourself within 1-2 sentences. Then briefly explain about your current company, role & responsibilities(Do not explain your project structure).

    Take a 5-second break, so the interviewer can ask you something about you and your project work.

    2. What are the OOPS concepts like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction, & Encapsulation?

    An interviewer will ask you about any one or two of the OOPS concepts like what is Polymorphism or Encapsulation?

    Just provide the definition of that concept. There is a high chance that they will ask you OOPS.

    3. Difference between Final and Finally keyword

    Final & Finally both different keywords have completely different meanings. Explained the difference.

    4. What is a Selenium Webdriver?

    Explain the Selenium webdriver definition. They may as something different questions related to Selenium webdriver like what makes it different from Selenium IDE & Selenium Grid. 

    5. What are the different waits in Selenium?

    Explicit, Implicit & Fluent waits - They will ask you only the definition. No need to write any code for that.

    They may ask the same question in a twisted way like how will you wait for the selenium wedriver for 10 seconds...

    6. Java program - Split the given string and count the word count of each word

    He/she will ask you to open your Java IDE. You've to write the code for any simple Java program.

    I wrote the following code. Ran it and I got the correct output.

    public class splitString {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    splitStrings("My name is Sanket");


    static void splitStrings(String s){

    String[] s1 = s.split(" ");

    for(String z : s1) {


    System.out.println("Length of a word is: " + z.length());




    Output ----->


    Length of a word is: 2


    Length of a word is: 4


    Length of a word is: 2


    Length of a word is: 6

    7. What are TestNG Annotations & it's types?

    TestNG annotations are used to execute the methods that are considered as Test Scripts/Cases.

    8. What was the lifecycle you were following to manage the Bugs?

    Open > In-Progress > Fixed > Testing > Review > Closed. This was the bug lifecycle we were following in our scrum team.

    9. Are you aware of Git and Git operations?

    I explained that I'd worked on Git-related stuff. I used to push my code to BitBucket using Git commands and Eclipse's Commit-push feature.

    9. What data structure do you know in Java?

    I just told him that I know ArrayList, LinkedList, Queue, and HashSet. Explain those data structures that you're aware of.

    10. What is ArrayList & LinkedList?

    This question will be based on what you've answered in the previous question. 

    11. Do you know hooks in Cucumber?

    Hooks are used to execute the specific block of code or statements before and after the actual test cases.

    12. Have you ever worked on Exception handling in Java?

    Yes. At least 2 blocks are needed to handle the exception - Try and catch.

    A 'Try' block contains statements to be executed or business logic and the 'Catch' block will catch the exception if our code in the try block throws an error.

    13. Have you used the Pipelining & CI/CD?

    Just explain briefly about your Pipeline & CI/CD skills and the integration you've done in your previous project.

    14. What response code you've received in your API framework or Postman? What is the 404 response code?

    I said - 200, 204, 404, & 500. Then he asked about 404 - Page not found. Provided the answer.

    2nd Round - Technical + Managerial(45 minutes)

    It's also called a Techno-managerial round. Because the interviewer will ask you even more complex and real-world questions related to your Tech stack.

    In my case, it was Selenium, Java, Cucumber, & TestNG. So, most questions were around these frameworks.

    Basically, the interviewer will try to check your thinking ability, problem-solving skills, communication, Team skills, framework-building skills, etc.

    1. Tell me about yourself

    Explained about myself in the same way I did for the technical Interview.

    2. Explain what is OOPS with an example.

    Here, you'll need to explain all OOPS concepts with Example. It's more than just a definition.

    The interviewer will also ask you tricky questions like 'Where you've used these concepts in your framework' or 'Where we can use these concepts'.

    Be prepared with those solutions. He/she will try to check your deep understanding of OOPS concepts in Java.

    3. Explain the testing framework that you've used/developed previously

    Explain the tools or libraries you've used to build the framework.

    In my case, I was using the Karate + Selenium + Core Java + Cucumber BDD + TestNG.

    In the same way, briefly explain the testing framework that you've created or have worked on.

    4. What are access modifiers in Java?

    Access modifiers restrict the access of specific classes, variables, methods, and constructors. There are 4 access modifiers in Java - Private, public, Protected & Default.

    5. Difference between Static, & Final keywords in Java?

    Just explain the difference between Static & Final briefly.

    5. Write a Java code - Reverse the String sentence

    public class sampleTest {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    reverseString("My name is sanket");


    public static void reverseString(String s) {

    String x = "";

    int len = s.length();

    for(int i = len-1; 0 <= i ;i--) {

    System.out.print(x + s.charAt(i));




    6. How you were using the Test Data while writing Cucumber scripts?

    Using Examples keywords. First, we need to add the SCENARIO OUTLINE keyword in order to use the Examples keyword.

    Then we can use the input Table like the following scripts:

    Scenario Outline: Test Para Bank login feature

    Given Open the Para Bank Website

    When Login to Para Bank website with "<UserName>" & "<Password>"

    And Press the Login button

    Then Bank Dashboard page will be visible


      | UserName | Password |

        | sychoTester2 | Acc@123 |

        | sychoTester2 | Acc@1233 |

    7. Have you ever worked on Agile methodology? What things you did do while?

    It was a 4-5 week sprint. In the first week, we were collecting data from other teams. In 2nd week, we were test case designing, writing scripts, and test cases. 

    In 3rd week, it was mostly the Test case execution work. Last week, defect raising and retesting.

    8. Write a Selenium code to search for iPhone 13 on and check the page title using the Java click() method or javascript Executor(Also implement waits properly)

    I wrote the following code. Didn't have time to implement Waits as we were running out of time. 

    You will also need to manage your time while writing the code.

    package testJava;

    import org.openqa.selenium.By;

    import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;

    public class TestSeleniumSample {

    WebDriver driver;

    public void runSelenium() {

          System.setProperty("webdriver.edge.driver", "YOUR_WEBDRIVER_LOCATION");

    driver = new EdgeDriver();



    driver.findElement(By.className("nav-input nav-progressive-attribute")).sendKeys("iPhone");




    9. What Response code you have seen while working with API? Questions related to the answer that you'll give!

    - My answer was 200, 204, 404, & 500. Then he asked me about what is 204? I provided the answer.

    10. What are the main 4 methods in API?

    POST, PUT, GET, and DELETE are the main 4 methods in API. They are used to perform CRUD operations.

    11. What is the Purpose of the PUT method in API?

    The PUT Method is used to update the data to the database using API or another API service.

    12. What are Path parameters and Query parameters in API? and how to add multiple queries in query parameters?

    I explained Yellow highlighted is the Path parameter and the Blue highlighted part is considered a Query parameter.

    We can pass multiple query variables by adding '&' just after the existing query parameters.

    Other Probable Interview Questions

    Here are some of the other questions you'll be asked to answer. It contains Java, Selenium, Cucumber, TestNG, Testing methodologies & CI/CD related terms.

    1. What is abstract class, when it is used with an example

    2. What is Method overloading & Overriding in Java?

    3. What are tags & Keywords in Cucumber?

    4. Different exceptions(in details) in Java & Selenium?

    5. Explain the Bug lifecycle that you were following in your sprints?

    6. Write code for basic Java programs - Fibonacci series, palindrome & similar basic Java programs, String-related programs, and Array-related programs.

    7. Jenkins-related basic questions like what is the purpose of Jenkins and pipelines, etc.

    Also, read this - Amdocs Testing Interview Questions 2024


    Coforge interview is difficulty level for the Technical round, I would rate it around 3 out of 5, and for the Techno-managerial round - 3.5 out of 5.

    Technical is mostly theoretical while the Techno-managerial Round will test your problem-solving abilities.

    I've shared my interview experience. It's not necessary that you'll also face the exact same interview questions.

    Some questions will be different. But from these questions, you've got a basic idea about the overall question sets.

    If you find this guide helpful or have any questions, please comment on it.


    How many rounds are there in the Coforge interview?

    There are 3 Rounds in Coforge for any kind of role - 1 Technical, 1 Techno-managerial, & 1 HR round.

    How much time it takes for all the 3 rounds?

    It will mostly take 2-3 weeks to complete the all three rounds. there will be a 3-4 days of gap between every interview.

    What is the salary of a Senior Test Engineer in Coforge?

    They offered me around 8 LPA for Senior Test Engineer(3 YOE) for skills like Selenium(Java), Cucumber, TestNG, CI/CD, etc.

    You'll be offered between 7 to 15 LPA for 3 to 6 Years of Experience.

    Sanket bhosale

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